On the Go Mini Dental Freshening (3 Pieces)

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Grin On-the-Go Mini Freshening 3pc Travel Kit (20g).

Travel can be hard on our bodies and on our chompers, which is why we have a travel kit targeted specifically for your teeth. Nothing beats a minty-fresh mouth on arrival, and with Grin On-The-Go you're equipped with the essentials to combat that mouth-lag.

Our original Freshening toothpaste delivers a thorough, fresh, flash-those-pearly-whites clean – without the need for any nasties, while our charcoal-infused biodegradable toothbrush helps to keep bacteria at bay and restore the whiteness of teeth, and the floss helps reach those “hard to reach” spaces between teeth giving you a winning grin even when you’re “On-the-Go”!

Each set includes: x1 20g Freshening Toothpaste. x1 Charcoal-Infused 100% Biodegradable Toothbrush. x1 Natural Mint Waxed Dental Floss 20m.