Natural Bamboo Straws for Drinking (10 Pack)

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REUSABLE, BIODEGRADABLE, & COMPOSTABLE – Reduce waste by avoiding single-use plastic straws. With IBAMBO, you get 10 premium reusable washable straws that you can use for months. SAFE & NON-TOXIC – Made from natural bamboo material, be glad to know you’ll be using a product with no harsh chemicals like plastic straws. Our BPA-free reusable straws contain no dyes, inks or petroleum-based chemicals which make up plastic straws. VERSATILE & RESISTANT – Don’t hesitate to use our reusable straws whatever the temperature of the beverage is.

While plastics falter on hot beverages, bamboo doesn’t shrink or burn your lips while you sip a hot drink. GOOD MOUTHFEEL – With IBAMBO the taste of your drink won’t be different. None of that artificial taste you get from metal straws. Unlike metal drinking straws, bamboo doesn’t bite your lips and are biodegradable

Care Instructions: Hand wash for longer life, Dishwasher Optional, but not Recommended