Loose Leaf Tea- Black and Gold

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Richly caffeinated leaf and bud black tea yielding a deep auburn infusion with chocolatey notes characteristic of the most select Yunnan harvests. Hand-picked and artisan crafted at 6000 ft.


Black tea from Yunnan, China

Our ingredients are grown clean, whether or not certified organic. We never use "natural" or artificial synthetic flavoring.

Cold Brew Tea:

Black & Gold makes the best black iced tea we have ever had: chocolatey, crisp, and refreshing.

  • measure 8 grams (about 2.5 tablespoons) and place loose in 16 oz jar

  • fill jar to top with cold filtered water

  • cover with tight fitting lid

  • refrigerate for about 8 hours (when we do this at home we never time our cold brews. We simply pop them in the fridge sometime in the evening and strain them out sometime the next day. Cold brew is very forgiving)

  • when your cold brew is ready, filter the leaves through a fine mesh strainer

  • enjoy!


  • Black tea contains both caffeine and theanine. While caffeine stimulates the nervous system and activates the mind, theanine calms the nervous system and clears the mind. Tea is also clinically proven to improve cardiovascular, bone, and oral health, reduce risk of certain cancers, and to support the brain and memory through aging.

  • How To Make

    • 4 grams (about a heaping tablespoon)
    • 8 oz 212 degree water

    • 4 minutes

    • re-steep